Could any of us be an assassin and not know it?

Listen to our part 3 interview with Nicole and Ken on Revolution Radio, Matrix of Perception with Monique Lessan

Kareena V.  put me in a hypnotic command for me to commit acts of terrorism. She told me to buy as many guns as I can get (but did say just 1 shotgun will do if I can’t get other guns), she told me to get as much ammo as I can, told me to get as many types of weapons as I can, told me to carry them everywhere I go, and to create as much destruction and terror as I can.

She was in the kitchen with my stepmother, Alice Renee Flatt (maiden name is Cobb) when she put in the command. Kareena said the military put a command for terrorism in Ken. The most crucial part to know is that Kareena said to Renee that she has been putting these commands in ALL new slave ring members since Ken and I broke program in 2001. I am sure Kareena is not the only one hypnotically commanding people for acts of terrorism because she said it is a new standard implemented to protect their criminal enterprise.

There’s no way to accurately determine how many programmed killers are out there. However, I do know that in the Cookeville area they were trying to “catch”/”find” at least one man and one woman per week and then program them for their benefit on the weekend. Using this low end estimate and hypothesizing that Kareena is the only one in Dantalion installing hypnotic programs, then that is 2 people times 52 weeks a year times 19 years. That’s 1976 programmed killers produced from one area. However, Kareena said the entire operation is doing it now. The hypnotic command to commit as much terror and destruction as you can is suppose to kick in if the mind control programming BREAKS. Kareena said this is so the person gets caught in terrorism or dies in the act before they can speak to anyone to get help for being a mind control victim.

The member of the CIA called “Suit” said that there are rings all across America. Dantalion was just a slave ring that primarily produced trauma based mind control, occult blood rituals, murder, & meth production/distribution. I recall the ring my stepmother is running is a separate ring, not Dantalion, but is affiliated with the same criminal network. My step mother, a guy name Allen (nickname “The Mechanic”), and a guy name Andrew King (son/direct relative of the giant King lawfirm in Atlanta) were holding me, Ken, and my dad hostage with stun guns. My step mother kept hitting me on the neck where my I have multiple spinal cord injuries. They held us until Kareena showed up. However, Kareena came many times to Rossville, GA because Ken and I kept breaking. That’s why they sent us to Florida to be taken by K-zar again because they couldn’t keep us under. Kareena brought a stronger stun gun. The one she brought to the Willis house was “The Runt” and it was 20 million volts. My step-mother was electricshocking me with her stun gun waiting on Andrew to show up with his strong tazers (with projectiles) and also waiting on Kareena to come with hers. I kept snapping out of the trance and telling Renee to stop it, that she is hurting me, and that Jesus won’t let her keep doing this to me for ever. I told Renee that her time is coming because God will judge her. Renee did spells right in front of me. My dad, Ken, and I would be held on different couches, different adjoining rooms (kitchen-to-living room), sometimes Allen had Dad and Ken in the basement and Renee had me upstairs. I do recall Renee telling Kareena that they are framing my dad again to get him out of the way. Dad was hypnotically commanded to get those arrests. Kareena approved of jailing dad. Renee kept promising Kareena that she wouldn’t do too many opiates because she had in the past. Kareena discussed the vast amount of off-the-books money their criminal network was making from these LARGE FREQUENT purchases of opiates.

1 thought on “Could any of us be an assassin and not know it?

  1. I have just in past 6 months been more aware of the evil these people are capable of.i pray more people will know and demand answers.i think people just can’t comprehend that high officials in gov can be involved in this.the end times are very near so ofcourse satan is upping his game.God bless and keep you safe


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