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Survivors of CIA MK Ultra mind control:who were placed in slavery in CIA Operation Dantalion. Nicole Flatt and Kenneth Templeton


Latest news from Nicole:

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Two MK-Ultra Slaves Fell in Love and started to get their memories back and now they are blowing the whislte on the Cabal.

If you missed part II of their  story on REVOLUTION RADIO, MATRIX OF PERCEPTION with Monique Lessan,  last Wednesday, listen to it here by clicking the link below. 

Two MK-Ultra Slaves Fell in Love

Meet Ken and Nicole.

Kenneth Edward Templeton and Nicole Starr Flatt met in Cookeville, Tennessee during the summer of 2001, while literally “slaves” in CIA Operation Dantalion at CIA agent, Paul Crutcher’s rented basement. Ken and Nicole fell in love and it “broke” their MK-Ultra programming.

Paul tried to access Nicole’s “Beta Kitten” mode and her “keys” did not work. Paul immediately screamed, ” …But I HAVE your keys! Are you in love?!”

(LOVE can HEAL “MK-Ultra Mind Control”)

Within days, the CIA and SWAT team arrived at Paul Crutcher’s rented basement behind Pilot Truck Stop. According to “Suit” (Paul’s term for a member of Nicole’s Top Secret MK-Ultra project),  Crutcher was trained at “The Farm” and was a dark occult “Adept” working for the CIA with black magic. “Suit” said Paul did not follow “Operational Security/Protocols” by failing to report they had kidnapped Ken and Nicole. Suit said the CIA would have said NO to admitting Nicole to the slave ring because she was trained by the U.S. government to be “Co-Con”(co-conscious), especially during an abduction. Suit also said Ken would have been a NO because his military record was “scrubbed clean”. Suit also admitted that Ken was sent to the slave ring by “Timberwolf” and “Evergreen”. George Bush Sr is “Timberwolf” and Hillary Clinton is “Evergreen”.


We have continuously been tortured & trafficked since 2001 in attempt to keep us silent and not tell the American public about military operations being performed on civilians. We have just escaped our abusers without getting “tased” (electroshocked) and this is how we are able to TELL what happened to us. Not one American agency or police officer will file any reports or investigate our claims. We have been tortured and human-trafficked by the Dixie Mafia boss, Jesse Oscar Carter, and the Clinton Crime Cabal.  We are the only vocal survivors of the Clinton & Dixie Mafia human-trafficking ring. Please share our true story and help keep us alive!


Note: Both Ken & Nicole are RH negative blood types.

(“K-zar”- aka Jesse Oscar Carter asked Chris LaFever if Nicole’s blood was RH negative.) RH negative blood type is very important to the Dark Occult, K-zar, & his followers.

From Ken’s Desk

Ken’s Thoughts

Hello, my name is Ken Templeton and up until 9/11/2018, I was just a troubled veteran: homeless, pennyless, and basically a ghost living on the edges of society- pitied if I was lucky, scorned if I wasn’t, but mainly just ignored.

For 20 years, I had horrible nightmares of wars and battles that my record does not mention. I had to fight for every penny in my VA Disability. After 20 years, I get $1000 a month which I am grateful to have, but hardly enough to support myself-much less a family.

Something happened on 9/11/2018 because I started remembering things, lots of things, beginning with the memory of being placed into slavery by Hillary Clinton, at the command of George Bush Sr because I had prevented the  delivery of nuclear material to be constructed into portable, nuclear devices to be delivered and detonated in the United States beginning with 9-11-01 at the Twin Towers, code-named Operation Candlesticks.

During the last few months, I have seen memories spanning all the way back to my toddler days and being made to squeal like a pig as George Bush Sr, aka “Poppy”, sodomized me and let his son, George Bush Jr, do the same. These are horrible things to remember, but in all honestly, they are not the worst memories I have had return.

I was the first 100% Harmonically programmed child soldier. Poppy would brag about his big plans for me. I remember flying with a booster seat to see over the canopy and dropping bombs on targets as a child.

I have been to everyone I can think of with crimes of one sort or another, but no one wants anything to do with this …other than making it go away. Those in power do not want you to know about mind control and the deployment  of it on the civilian population which in 1997 was their ultimate goal.

So me and my wife have decided the best way to protect ourselves and the only moral solution was to inform the public and OUT our perpetrators! History will judge our actions and God will stand with us as we help people see “Through The Trance”.

Thank you for visiting and check back often; we add information often to the website.


Sincerely yours,


From Nicole’s Desk

3rd Generation Monarch

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website at “Through the Trance”. This website is dedicated to our recovery from MK-Ultra abuses. My name is Nicole Flatt and I am a multi-generation “MK-Ultra Monarch”.

Since I more or less “escaped” a human-trafficking slave ring named Operation Dantelion near Cookeville Tennessee, I have suffered two spinal cord injuries from car accidents when I was sitting still/not at fault (2004&2017). Injuries like these, are to keep me from remembering the things “they” wanted me to forget. Nevertheless, memory recovery & multi-personality “integration” occurred.  I am still hunted nightly by drones and have seen the “Avatar” brand drones up close several times. In my opinion, one reason for the “DEW”, (Directed Energy Weapons from the drones) is to keep me from remembering and speaking up to the American public! #targetedindividual #stopV2K

I was “Co-Con” (co-consciousness within multi-personalities) when Christopher LaFever was torturing me and holding me prisoner, beginning near 2001 in the Dantalion slave ring.

A little background information:

My step-grandfather, Chuck Goff, was a 33 degree Mason who conspired and took over the daily “handling “of me as a child after he quickly married my grandmother “Lee” whom he professed to meeting (buying) at the “Lodge”. Chuck was an office holding Mason/Elk/Shriner/Amvet who would call the “Jolly Green Giant” (Jack Greene- “Freedom Train Conductor” & Grand Ole Opry artist) and “boss” him around. Chuck really enjoyed bossing people around with his position of  authority. I have many memories of him calling the Putnam County TN Sheriff and giving him “orders”.  Chuck often took me to see people who “helped the government”. My grandfather said we “helped the government” and that he began “helping the government” while in the Navy. I was my grandfathers “Chosen One” and his “Pride& Joy”. He often discussed how much money he would make (using me) and how high in the social realms we would climb.

A Robertson County, Tennessee Chancellor, “Larry” aka Lawrence McMillan recently terminated  my parental rights to my son Brennen Jace Templeton. Larry sexually abused me in Masonic lodges with Chuck Goff! The first day I saw Larry McMillan in court, I looked at my husband and said he looks like the  one who sexually abused me with my grandfather! Chuck Goff said Larry “helped the government”, was in law school, and supposed to become a Tennessee judge. Chuck Goff said I was slated to rise higher in the American political arena than a “law clerk” but that it was good to have options. One option my step-grandfather mentioned was becoming a “Law Clerk” for Larry McMillan. I am a “Presidential Model” and was supposed to have went into politics /White House/Pentagon level.


According to Chris LaFever, one of my “Finders”, my mother (deceased) and I were “trained by Masons” and my maternal grandmother was trained by the “Order of the Rose”.  I am fortunate to recover memories, break through the “trances”, and integrate.

I have encountered many of the things similar to Cathy O’Briens MK-Ultra mind control abuses. Just like in the books, “Access Denied” and “Trance-Formation of America” by genuine U.S. Whistleblowers Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips , my grandfather Chuck kept “Grasshoppers” liquor drinks in the pantry for his wife. I had years of re-occurring dreams in “flashes” of running through the woods (naked) and getting electroshocked. I would wake up out of breath from the dreams, knowing they seemed so real…knowing I was remembering something… This was one of those dreams=memory moments. My memory capability had been “compartmentalized” with electroshock. Yes…I said electroshock. With a taser/electroshock my perpetrators would “wipe” the day’s memory with high-voltage torture. A ritual would often be performed while my captors had me “tranced”. “Keys, codes, spins, and triggers” for MK-Ultra programmed personalities were used to control me. I was just as shocked (as anyone would be) to hear myself “meow” on command! It appears that I was experiencing “co-consciousness” while “triggered” into a MK-Ultra  Beta-kitten mode. A series of programming command lines/keys/codes/triggers occurred prior to my “meowing” on command.


Some of the things I have remembered surviving:

“programming” sessions (mind control), hypnotized (unethically), memory wipes & memory implants, forced into trances/tranced states, “spelled” by occultists, force-fed human meat, electroshocked/tazed, ritually abused (Masonic, SRA/Satanic Ritual Abuses, etc), various types of TORTURE equipment, psychological torture/mind games, sex slave, forced to consume artificial sweetener soda/gum/candy, water& food deprivation, perpetrators performed organized skits for trauma/programming purposes, & human hunting as in “Most Dangerous Game”. (I hunted them back!)  During my elementary school-age years , I remember many “hearing tests” (harmonic frequency programming), staring at multi-colored spinning tops during counseling sessions, forced purple colored drinks that gave me stomach aches, “costume nights” with my step-grandfather Chuck Goff, & crayon drawings appearing Satanic/Luciferian ritualistic in nature with athame’s (knives).

Thank you for joining us @ThroughtheTrance and learning about our true life story of (continually) trying to escape a human trafficking (mind controlled) slave ring. I hope to live another day and bring our story to light to FINALLY find freedom from the cabal slave ring, freedom from the drones, and our son Brennen returned to us.

Come back often for updates and make sure to tell someone our true life story…that human trafficking has been hidden all this time with mind control!

Note slight difference in eye shape from a Dark Occult ritual as a child.

Nicole survived an attempt on her life  on 10.7.2017 & has critical injuries including brain & spinal cord injuries and cannot work. Ken is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran who draws a small VA disability check. Drones have been targeting Nicole nightly since the accident (18 months with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) and V2K (Voice 2 Skull-see patent).

This is their story. Visit: