Interview with Jim Rothstein, Peter Tscherneff, Cindy Sheehan, and David Shurter. 5/17/17

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Starting with New York Police Detective James “Jim” Rothstein. As a cop, Jim took on organized pedophile rings, arrested Watergate burglar and CIA operative Frank Sturgis, and testified before the New York State Select Committee on Crime. Jim knows all about sexual blackmail operations, which he refers to as “human compromise.”

Peter Tsherneff:
Cindy Sheehan:
And David Shurter:
Peter Bio: By age three, he spoke three languages. As one of Joseph Mangeles young mind controlled sex slaves, Peter had no recollection of Mengele until in 2003 when he
fasted and got triggered and started recalling memories of Mengele using him and
few other kids to kidnap some bay area children, including Kevin Collins from San Francisco in 1984. Aquino was also involved in the Child’s kidnapping according to Peter. Peter fights fearlessly to free Leonard Peltier who has been in prison since 1977 and Fights for a New Trial and Freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Born: December 6, 1966 (age 50), Omaha, NE
Books: Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story
From the nationwide satanic panic in the 1980s to local political cover-ups, shocking kidnappings, unsolved child murders, and scandalous pedophile rings, this book takes you behind the deceptive headlines and, finally, reveals what was going on in Omaha when all hell broke loose. Rich and well-connected members of Omaha’s elite carried out unspeakable acts of abuse and even murder on innocent children. David Shurter was one of those sexually abused survivors forever scarred by the horrible rites performed on him by his own parents and other followers of Satan. It wasn’t until he entered psychotherapy in midlife that long ignored childhood memories came to light, and when he discovered his gruesome nightmares were indeed real. This book, finally, is an expose of the surprising participants and unbelievable horrors involving murder, drugs, lavish parties, pedophiles, suspected government conspiracies, and the Omaha gay scene that cast a dark cloud of suspicion over an unsuspecting city. David Shurter takes you down the rabbit hole.

cindy sheehan is an author, activist, socialist, radio host, and her blog is:

Monique Lessan

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