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Monique Lessan, STAR Team International


Journal:  Today, One-on-One interviews STAR Team International Investigator, CAG and National Director for the country of Iran, Monique Lessan. Monique has a MFS (Master of Forensic Science), and is the owner of Eye Investigate, an international private investigation firm. She is a multi-lingual licensed private investigator with over 15 years of experience conducting worldwide investigations.  She is the host of her own online internationally-syndicated radio show on Revolution Radio, “Matrix of Perception.” (, Studio A) where the subjects discussed include the Paranormal, UFOs, Alien Abductions, Unsolved Mysteries, Mysterious Structures and Sights, Conspiracy Theories, Human Trafficking and more. She is on the board for Farsi Translations for IISIS Reincarnation Research International Monique is a remote viewer, psychic, and empath and was involved in The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference in 2016, bringing together some of the most accomplished leading visionaries to present a fresh approach to the discussion of the world’s critical challenges. Her web site is She is also the author of Children of the Underworld due to be released in October 2016. Her work involves focusing on recovering runaways, as well as missing and abducted children. She is an activist in the fight against human trafficking and has been called in on hundreds of cases, both missing children and adult; sex and human trafficking investigations, undercover operations and criminal investigations. She has recovered missing children from San Diego, Singapore, Mexico, England, Saipan and Nicaragua. Monique has been featured on many television news and talk shows. In addition to her professional interests, she believes in taking an active role in positive social change and has been involved in many such organizations. Some of her recent accomplishments include the founding of Teens Against Human Trafficking, which assists the organization, Fight Against Child Exploitation. Monique was also the creator, producer and moderator for Human Trafficking Awareness Day. For two years, she was a speaker at the Women Power Strategy Conference, and received the Woman Power Award as well as a speaker at the 2015 StarWorks USA Conference,, which was about UFOs, technology and consciousness.

Journal:  Before we start, let me say what an honor it is to have the opportunity to do this interview with you. Your work for CAG International and MUFON is truly commendable. In addition, the work you have done to help find missing and abducted children around the world is truly remarkable. I am sure you have brought relief to many, many parents in addition to helping them find their children.

Journal:  What brought you to the MUFON organization?

Monique:  My interest in the UFO subject and eventually, MUFON, started back in 2001 when Dan Willis, who was one of the Disclosure Project’s Top Secret military witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001, handed me the top secret Disclosure project book with Steven Greer and asked me to read it. In 2012 I met Ruben Uriarte who asked me to join the Field Investigative Team for MUFON. I took the test, passed and later became Field Investigator for Northern California and State Section Director.

Journal:  How long have you been with MUFON?

Monique:  Since 2012

Journal: As National Director for Iran as well as Star Team International Investigator, you are probably familiar with the 1976 Tehran incident. Is there another case from Iran or in another part of the world that you investigated that stands out?

Monique:  Iran seems to be a center for UFO activities. I have worked at least six cases in the last four months just from Iran. I have had many great cases but the one I like and stands out to me the most is a case in Saudi Arabia, Case 75378, which was an Underwater Submerged Object case. Details about the UFO Event are as follows: I was going to relieve aft watch, when he said to “tell the captain to pull over; we have a cop behind us.” As I cleared the super structure I seen that an object was coming up our port side with flashing lights that looked like a cop car, were steaming at a steerage speed as I just left the helm, the object was under water and was silent.  It kept pace for just a few seconds and made a sharp port turn like a tracer bullet out to the horizon.

Journal:  How is the subject of Ufology looked at in Iran and internationally as compared to the U.S?

Monique:  In other countries the subject of Ufology is considered more acceptable than it is in United States. In fact the UFO disclosure has been more open and accepted in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Peru, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and France and in most of Europe than here in the United States. Most people in the United States still believe that UFOs don’t exist and there is no other life outside of this Earth. When I lived in Spain people readily and openly accepted life on other planets as fact. Contrary to what people believe, there are a number of people in Iran that believe in UFOs. Whatever they think, perhaps it is being manipulated by the governments around the world. It has been my experience that those people who have reported seeing UFOs in Iran have been educated in other countries that speak English fluently and have gone back to live there or are just visiting, have an open mind about life in other planets. However, I am sure a non-English speaking citizen of Iran does not take the time to look at the sky and think “that must be a UFO.” Even if they did, they would overlook it and never report it to MUFON because they wouldn’t know what it is. My sister-in-law in Iran, is a member of a UFO Association in Tehran, continuously asks me about UFOs and MUFON and then shares the information with the rest of the members of her association.

Journal:  Being an International Investigator, you’ve investigated many cases. Which was your most difficult?

Monique:  All my cases so far away have been fairly easy to investigate.

Journal:  Is there a historical case that you would have liked to have been personally involved with?

Monique:  There are actually two historical cases that I would have loved to be involved with. The first one is the 1976 Tehran UFO Incident, which were radar and visual sighting of an unidentified flying object over Tehran, the capital of Iran. The incident is particularly notable for the electromagnetic interference effects on aircraft near the UFO. Two F-4 jet interceptors independently lost instrumentation and communications as they approached, only to have these restored when they left. One F-4 also lost its weapons systems when it was about to fire on the object. The incident is well documented in a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report with a distribution list that included the White House, Secretary of State, Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency (NSA), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Various high-ranking Iranian military officers directly involved with the events have also gone on public record stating their belief the object was an extraterrestrial craft. The second case was The Phoenix Lights, also identified as “Lights over Phoenix” which was an alleged UFO sighting which occurred in Phoenix, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico on Thursday, March 13, 1991.

Journal:  What impact, if any, do you feel that media has on people’s perception of Ufology and the people who investigate unidentified areal phenomenon?

Monique:  The media has a pivotal role to play in unveiling UFO information. People begin to think differently about the things they once felt were immutable. The news media filters something that confuses the issue of UFOs and distorts public perception of “are UFO’s real?” Something that confuses the issue and distorts public perception of the UFO mystery is the lack of timely and accurate reporting of events by national and international news media; unless it is a big sighting such as the Phoenix lights, individual sightings rarely are reported at all. News media tend to report that something is going on mostly with skeptical commentary; the coverage ends up as just a 24-hour mystery. Negative reporting feeds the skeptical impression that UFOs are only unsubstantial rumors and fairy tales that pop up from time to time.

Journal:  Your work in forensics and as a private investigator makes you an ideal investigator for MUFON. In addition, you state in your bio, you are an empath and psychic. What aspect of these intuitive gifts has contributed to your research and study into the field of Ufology?

Monique:  I have been a psychic and an intuitive person since I was born and have done much psychic work with my own investigations and private investigation cases especially those involving missing children worldwide. In 2014, I was also trained as a remote viewer and I use this in my own choices and my UFO investigations. However, I’ve always been able to remotely view things outside of this worldview. I also have had prophetic dreams since I was very young and a lot of premonitions, “Purple Dreams” and based on those I have traveled to other worlds and dimensions and time-traveled many times to other realities. I have seen people I’ve known centuries ago. I have seen dinosaurs; with myself at the center of it and seen past lives and myself reincarnated in other times in history. All of my guests have been very helpful in investigating cases, whether it is my own private investigation case or his or hers, they move on as ambassadors.

Journal: You were involved very closely with The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference in 2016. Can you tell us a little bit about this?

Monique:  I was working closely with Jordan Pease, interviewing on my radio show Matrix of perception on Revolution Radio, people such as Foster Gamble and Ron James of I-volve TV, and a few others. My interviews are mentioned on my blog Matrix of

Journal:  Many in the fields of research and science within the U.S. seem to dismiss Ufology as a legitimate area of study. Do you feel this is also the case internationally?

Monique:  In my opinion the studying of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena from space should be a legitimate university subject. Nick Pope told me in an interview I did with him on Revolution Radio, Matrix of Perception in 2009, that there were almost 400 reported sightings to the Ministry of Defense of UFOs throughout Britain. Even so, the UFO phenomenon does not seem to fit into the world of scientific studies. However, this view changes depending on the country.

Journal:  Do you feel that investigating UFOs in Iran or other countries differs in any respects than in the United States

Monique:  In countries where there are more laws and restrictions on investigating anything including UFO sightings, it is obviously more difficult to investigate UFO sightings and abductions. The subject of UFO sightings and abductions in countries such as Iran is very rare and as I mentioned earlier. These subjects are reported by people who have been educated in other countries and have returned to Iran to visit. Therefore, they have more trust in what they observe in the sky reported more often in the English language to MUFON.  Common Iranian citizens may have restrictions based on their religion of Islam to actually believe in UFOs and the knowledge of organizations such as MUFON is so far unheard of, based on my investigations so far.

Journal:  Thank you very much, Monique, for sitting down with us for the MUFON One-On-One.  It has been an honor.

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Monique Lessan