Return from the dead Not as a zombie but a Lightworker

That’s what happened to Yvonne Palermo.

     Born in 1968, Yvonne’s incredible story started when she ‘died’ in a terrible car accident in 2011. However, with her dramatic recovery in classic spiritual-initiation fashion, Yvonne was ‘re-born’ a radically altered personality. Purged of her old materialistic values she has returned to re-discover this so-called 3-D reality once more only this time with radically elevated spiritual awareness.

During my TBI I encountered the void, suspension as a light being in space. I see Sacred Geometry everywhere. I see the air, the aura of earth. I am navigating my way on this ground we walk on and finding pleasure in the fact I am not alone.”

Listen to our radio show interview with Yvonne Palermo and Jim Nichols:




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