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Ghosts, Aggressive spirits? Phatom Doctors, and the Secret of Room 666?
Yes it is all going to be happening on my show today on Matrix of Perception, on Revolution Radio,

 The authors are Richard Estep and Cami Andersen.

Dial to listen number are: 712 432 6958
Join MONIQUE LESSAN as we dive into the world OF Paranormal as we discuss THE HUNTING OF ASYLUM 49 with Cami Andersen

Revolution Radio at

was founded in 2011 to provide an alternative internet talk radio venue for voicing opinions and finding solutions. Join Revolution Radio in our quest for knowledge, truth and answers to the issues we face today.

Interview with me on MUFON- just published yesterday…..…/monique-lessan-star-team-internation


Return from the dead Not as a zombie but a Lightworker

That’s what happened to Yvonne Palermo.

     Born in 1968, Yvonne’s incredible story started when she ‘died’ in a terrible car accident in 2011. However, with her dramatic recovery in classic spiritual-initiation fashion, Yvonne was ‘re-born’ a radically altered personality. Purged of her old materialistic values she has returned to re-discover this so-called 3-D reality once more only this time with radically elevated spiritual awareness.

During my TBI I encountered the void, suspension as a light being in space. I see Sacred Geometry everywhere. I see the air, the aura of earth. I am navigating my way on this ground we walk on and finding pleasure in the fact I am not alone.”

Listen to our radio show interview with Yvonne Palermo and Jim Nichols: