Interview with Clifford Stone Wednesday April 13th at 5 to 7pm

Finally  CLIFFORD STONE ON  MATRIX OF PERCEPTION, Revolution Radio, Tune in tomorrow night by calling 712 -347 6958 to listen.
Former Army Sergeant Extraterrestrial Retrieval team member who worked at NATO, Clifford Stone stated that when he got out of the military in 1989, 57 different varieties of alien beings had been catalogued. He acted as an “interfacer” face to face with these beings. At the National Press Club he ended by saying “governments must never lie to the people” and stated he was willing to testify under oath before congress regarding his testimony.

The United States Army created what was known as the Interplanetary Phenomenon Research Unit as early as 1942 according to documents. This was at that time made up of the Army’s CIC (Counterintelligence) people. In 1947 when the US Air Force was created as a separate entity as a result of the National Security Act of 1947, those CIC people moved over into USAF OSI (Office of Special Investigations).

From 1947 to January of 1953, the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), were doing the initial investigations and monitoring the UFO situation and were based at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This unit would be known as the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS).

The intent of “Operation Blue Fly” was the immediate field exploitation and recovery of any enemy or presumed enemy aircraft that went down in the continental United States or friendly territories overseas. This included the recovery and field exploitation of those items, which are called unidentified flying objects.

All of this data was transferred to U.S. Air Force “Detachment 35”, which collected all the data, pictures, reports, photographs, and physical evidence dealing with reliable reports of UFOs. In 1987, the Air Force was to acknowledge that “Operation Blue Fly” had in fact had its name changed. “Project Moondust“, which was the overall field exploitation, also had its name changed.

As reports came in, the Air Force’s “Project Blue Book”, which was later terminated in 1969, would appear to the public as the Air Force’s accountability program to the large number of reports coming in. While the real intention of Blue Book was just the opposite, as to not alert the public to the very real reality of extraterrestrial craft coming to earth and being recovered by special teams and reverse engineered. So Blue Book, which the public could access, would get watered-down versions of the reports, particularly of the really good reports that came in. The original reports would stay highly classified

Monique Lessan
Private Investigator and Talk Radio Host

1 thought on “Interview with Clifford Stone Wednesday April 13th at 5 to 7pm

  1. A very interesting man. He’s well spoken, tells very interesting stories, and is a very sensitive person. If what he is saying is reality, then we all will have to rethink our own views of the world we live in and the systems we think are taking care of business for us while we sleep. Apparently our Government has not been in charge for decades…


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