Has the world gone mad or simply under MIND CONTROL

MIND CONTROLWho is inside your head?

I often talk to individuals I meet about what’s really going on behind the scene in our world. But I rarely get any response. As it turns out  most people are interested bystanders—aware that some things are going behind the scene but don’t take any civic action—and that when these interested bystanders do engage in civic duties,  HOW IS THAT GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE  IS THE FIRST THING I HEAR FROM THESE PEOPLE. It turns out that people tend to be part of civic life only when they have relevant personal and professional skills or interests. They don’t act out of a sense of general humanity and thoughtfulness. I guess the government is counting on these people to just stand by and go along with whatever they shove down their throat. Americans in particular seemed to be indifferent to the fact they are being watched through our TV’s and listened to by NSA through our I-phones and I-pads, or paying taxes are voluntary, or there is a large tunnel underneath the Denver airport and guards by Fema or that aliens are among us, ….

So what… ? Monique, I have nothing to hide…DO YOU?  how is this going to put food on my table ?  If it doesn’t directly affect me I am not going to rock the boat.

Americans seemed to be indifferent to all these issues or any issues. The decision to raise the debt ceiling, which in the last cycle gripped public attention, seemed to elicit a shrug. So are we, hosts, speakers and listeners of Revolution radio different kind of people or has the world under mind control ?

Tomorrow night, we are going to talk about all these issues that should effect all of us whether we care about them or not..

On the first hour starting at 5pm pst, our  Knights of the Round Table of experts will be discussing topics like mass Mind control through TV, CIA to spy on you in your home, your smart TV is spying on you, US government and Verizon and at&t are spying on you, etc….

second hour we’ll talk about Project Blue Beam- fake alien invasion, 3D hologram images from space and satellites, fake supernatural invasions, rapture for Christians and the return of the 12th prophet for Muslims,  Chemtrails and Haarp and their hidden secrets and of course getting us ready for the new world order and much more..

Our Knights are Brad Olsen, Dan Willis, Don Morshead, Jim Nichols and will be hosted as always by yours truly Monique Lessan.

Go to http://www.freedomslips.com studio A or call 712-432-6958 to listen live

Monique Lessan

Eye Investigate



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