The Aztec UFO Incident listen live

The Aztec UFO Incident- March 25, 1948 — some nine months after Roswell — an extraordinary event of historic proportions took place at Hart Canyon near Aztec involving a crash landing of an otherworldly saucer-shaped craft with ‘dead’ alien occupants. INTERVIEW with FRANK THAYER, Ph.D. Wednesday 5 TO 7pm PST. about this incident.
On Revolution Radio at you may also listen live by calling 712-432-6958

Monique Lessan

1 thought on “The Aztec UFO Incident listen live

  1. The interview Wednesday night was lively, perceptive, and productive. The two hours flew by, and we have not yet exhausted the discussion of this flying saucer landing and recovery at Aztec, N.M. I am eager to sit down with Monique and Don anytime as we celebrate what may be as important as, or more important than, Roswell. It is chilling to see how a real recovery at Aztec could have been suppressed for decades and labeled a hoax. “The Aztec UFO Incident” proves the case, and we go forward with confidence.

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