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Listen to the interview Fred Burks on Mind Control

Interview with Fred Burks -Presidential interpreter, website manager, cover-up researcher

Link to the interview: relies on the great work of an informal network of respected researchers and concerned citizens from around the globe. is part of the PEERS network of empowerment websites.

Individuals Who Have Made Key Contributions to



Monique Lessan interviewed on Sacred Matrix

Listen to Monique lessan being interviewed with Don Morshead on Sacred Matrix on Revolution radio:


Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Monique Lessan on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, studio B on Sunday, January 24, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Monique Lessan is a multi-lingual licensed private investigator with over 10 years of experience. She has completed her studies in Criminal Justice and received her Bachelor degree in 1993 and later her Masters in Forensic Science. Monique Lessan has conducted many extensive international investigations in recovery of abducted children and runaways worldwide, locating missing persons, sex trafficking cases, infidelity, undercover sting operations, criminal defense investigations and surveillance.

As a Private Investigator Monique has worked on civil and criminal cases for attorneys in San Diego, Los Angeles and Sonoma counties. She has investigated drugs, burglaries, thefts, robberies, murder, death penalties, domestic matters, and worker’s compensation claims. She has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and has provided her clients with video and photographic evidence in support of her findings.

Monique speaks fluent Farsi, English, French and intermediate Spanish. She has been featured on eleven radio talk shows, TV show Strange Universe, FOX 6 TV San Diego, TV show Cheaters Los Angeles, Channel 10 News (San Diego, CA) KFTY Channel 50 and several interviews on Discovery Channel. She was also interviewed in Women’s World Magazine, Persian Mirror and Sun Florida Sentinel newspaper. She was elected as the District Governor for California Association of Licensed Investigators in 1999 and 2000.


Aquarian Radio

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Listen to my interview with Fred Burks on Revolution Radio

Fred Burks – Before resigning from the US State Department in 2004 due to excessive secrecy demands, Fred Burks served many years as a language interpreter for presidents and other dignitaries. He interpreted for G.W. Bush, Clinton, Gore, Cheney, and many other top officials of the US and other countries. Having participated in numerous secret meetings where the only people allowed were the principals and their interpreters, he has acquired important inside information and contacts.

listen tomorrow night 6 to 7 pm PST on Revolution radio Matrix of Perception.

Interview of A light Worker named Skye on Matrix of Perception

Please tune in to my interview with A light Worker named Skye on Matrix of Perception tomorrow night on Revolution radio, at 5 to 6 pm pst.on Wednesday January 27th.

She’ s the author of ARCHONS, Mind Control and a mom. The information you can not live without. She fought against the Archons network, the dark energies that take advantage of mentally ill, addicts, celebrities, etc by using means of synthetic technology from the darker races that worked with Hitler during WWII.



UFOs, Kennedy, Nixon, and the Alien Presence

I just finished watching the film UFOs, Kennedy, Nixon, and the Alien Presence by film maker Jim Nichols: who is going to be my guest speaker tomorrow night on Revolution Radio, my show Matrix of Perception. I must say Wow!! great film. I was very impressed. Please tune in and listen live by calling 712- 432 6958 Wednesday night from 5 to 7pm.

Jim Nichols film

Monique Lessan

StarworksUSA Conference in Laughlin NV

Monique Lessan presentation on Missing children at STARWORKSUSA in Laughlin Nevada on November 15th 2015. The title of her presentation: WHERE ARE OUR CHILDREN?
Monique Lessan is the a private investigator and owner of Eye Investigate.
Her specialty is locating missing children and adults and she has also investigated cases of Human Trafficking

YouTube link:

Archeticts of the New Paradigm Nov. 16th and 17th

 Microsoft Word - ANP_Conference_2016_POSTER 2016-11-29.docx

Have you heard that saying “if we don’t change directions, we’ll likely end up where we are going?” Are you a forward-thinking person seeking the real facts and solutions on issues like energy production, food safety, banking and finance, social justice, and mind control?

Come to the Architects of the New Paradigm Conference the weekend of January 16th in San Rafael. Meet leading visionaries Foster and Kimberly Gamble the creators of the movie Thrive movement, Catherine Austin Fitts, Joel Garbon, Daniel Sheehan, Richard Dolan, and Ron James. George Noory will be there too.

This is a rare opportunity to network and get involved with people who are really making change happen during this jam-packed weekend of lectures, intensives and panels, hosted by Ron James of I-Volve TV.

The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference, The A-N-P conference – is the weekend of January 16th at Embassy Suites in San Rafael.

Go to and reserve your seats now. Don’t just believe in change- be it.

Listen To Nick Pope Wednesday the 13th at 6 pm

IMG_1168Mystery man revealed!! Nick Pope, the former British Ministry of Defense will be on my show MATRIX OF PERCEPTION at 6pm to 7pm to speak about The 8-year program to declassify and release the British Government’s entire archive of UFO files comes to its climax in 2016, but with around 60,000 documents to wade through, how can we find the signal amidst the noise?

Nick Pope will be later this week at the Extraterrestrial Disclosure online Summit this weekend Jan 15th through 17th.…
Call to listen live: 712- 432-6958 this Wednesday at 6pm on Revolution Radio on